for Emerging Architects

Established in 2012, the “ADA Awards for Emerging Architects” is the most recognized prize for the next generation design in Taiwan. Founded by the Advanced Developers Association in Taipei, this biennial award strives to support young architects and progressive design culture by promoting their work through exhibitions and publications. Now in its 5th iteration, we would like to invite architects under the age of 45 to submit their projects that were built inside Taiwan.

In response to COVID-19, selection of the finalists will take place in September. However, in order to ensure the best exposure for this year’s participants, selection of the Grand Prize and Special Prize winners, as well as the exhibition, will be held next year.

The entry fee is free and The Grand Prize of the 2020 ADA Awards is TWD 500,000 or equivalent to USD 16,600 and the commission to design the 2022 ADA Awards exhibition. The Special prize is TWD 200,000 or USD 6,600. The prize for Finalist is TWD 30,000 or USD 1,000.

Entry Requirements

︎Entry Requirements
  1. The award calls for architecture of all types, whether they are temporary, conceptual, or just an installation.
  2. The Building Use Permit or a Proof of Project Completion, dated between July 1st 2017 and July 6th 2020, is required.
  3. If the Building Use Permit is irrelevant or not applicable for the submitted project, a signed letter from the client of the project must be provided to prove the completion and its completion date. 
  4. One applicant can only submit up to three projects. Each project must be submitted separately. Projects which had been submitted in the past ADA awards will not be accepted.
  5. Submitted projects must be located in Taiwan, including its offshore islands.

︎Applicant Eligibility Requirements
  1. For proof of authenticity, if the applicant is the signing architect, a copy of his or her architect license must be provided during the second stage interview.
  2. If the applicant is not the signing architect, a signed agreement letter from the signing architect has to be provided during the second stage interview.
  3. Individuals or all members of a team must be under the age of 45 before the registration deadline. Applicants who were born after the July 6th, 1974 are eligible to enter. 
    * Team application: The applicants for each team are limited to two people. If a team contains three or more members, all members have to be the registered partners of the office and under the age of 45. Please provide the certification of the Office Registration with all partners’ names on it during the second stage interview.
  4. Winners from the past ADA awards can re-enter with other projects. 

  1. Complete the online application form.
  2. Attach the following digital documents with the online application form before submission:
    ︎ Project Portfolio
    ︎ Proof of Project Completion Date
    * Please note that for Proof of Project Completion Date, choose one of the three options: Building Use Permit, Proof of Project Completion, Client Signed Letter which states the project completion date.

Online application starts from 2020/5/21(Thu) to 2020/7/6(Mon) 17:00.

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